Nick Jones is a professional musician; Performer, Session Musician and Music Teacher ; Theory, Piano, Violin, Bass, Classical, Jazz, Contemporary.

Nick Jones is a New Zealand born and bred musician. Since the age of 4, Nick has been trained classically on the violin and piano, competing successfully in local and national competitions since age 9, under tutelage of the following teachers throughout his younger years. Suzuki / Classical: Pam Burdett, Val Hungerford, Joachim Neupert, Graham McPhail, Miranda Adams, Rae De Lisle, Jazz: John Bell, Neil Watson, Pete France, Phil Broadhurst, Theory and Practical examinations (on both violin and piano) were sat annually achieving distinctions. Grade 8 violin at age 11, Grade 8 piano at age 13, and performance diploma ATCL on Solo Piano at age 15. Nick continued on his musical studies with his violin at university and Graduated through the New Zealand School of Music with a Bachelor of Music, with Honours majoring in Jazz Performance. Nick has been teaching contemporary classical piano for the Auckland School of Rock since 2008 in Auckland, and teaching Suzuki violin privately, introducing improvisation and performance techniques to those who want to develop their musicianship.

He also works as a session musician recording piano and violin for several albums, and as a professional musician performing with other acoustic duos (e.g Strung Up - Top 30 acts and semi-finalist for 2008 New Zealand's Got Talent) and featured in ensembles at jazz festivals around New Zealand (e.g Maria O'Flaherty and the Ben Fernandez quartet).

For most of his young adult life Nick has been and continues to work as a professional musician; piano accompanist, contemporary classical and jazz violinist/pianist, piano, bass and violin teacher, recording artist / session musician, amateur audio engineer, producer, composer, and contributes to a number of local musical projects.

“I take my music very seriously and allow myself to be emotionally involved with my music when performing. A musician shouldn’t just play the notes on the page mechanically, but to truly listen and feel every note, communicate the personality of the piece of music. Be individualistic with your style of playing but also be respectful to the piece of music you play, and portray your own personality to achieve a truly emotionally connected and passionate style of playing, expressed through your instrument”. - Nick Jones